Dried Fruit

Filled with natural sugars, dried fruit is commonly used in baking or as a healthy snacking alternative

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Increasingly hailed as a superfood in the UK, these berries are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals - it's no wonder that some marketing claims that these are the most nutritionally rich fruit available.

Sultanas 4x3kg

Sultanas have a delicate flavour and are noted for their natural sweetness. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals

Raisins 4x3kg

Raisins are packed with natural fruit sugars and are a great source of energy. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals

Pitted Dates 4x3kg

A highly versatile natural sweetener for cakes, bakes, porridge and puddings. Useful for adding moisture and sweetness to gluten free baking with the stones/pits removed to make life easier!

Currants 4x3kg

Currants are dried, black seedless grapes with an intense flavour. They are often used for scones, buns, cakes or puddings

Dried Cranberries 6x1kg

A delicious bright red fruit! Our cranberries are juicy and moist enough to add to baking, whilst also pleasant to eat on their own. An increasingly popular addition to morning porridge

Mixed Fruit 4x3kg

Mixed fruit is a delicious blend of juicy sultanas and candied citrus peels. It can be used in bakery recipes to add tangy sweetness to cakes, breads, buns and tray bakes

Apricots 4x2kg

High in both Vitamins A and C, dried apricots are perfect for snacking on their own or as an ingredient in a number of sweet and savoury dishes

Golden Sultanas 4x3kg

Golden sultanas are a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals and our golden sultanas are generally bigger, chewier and softer than standard sultanas. They can be used to add moisture to all your favourite recipes

Dried Banana Chips 6x1kg

Banana chips are a versatile sweet ingredient for adding to your breakfast muesli, porridge or yoghurt. They can also be used in other desserts and baking, as a cake topper for muffins and cupcakes

Unpitted Prunes ( No Soak ) 4x3kg

Whole unpitted sorbated prunes. Sweet fruit flavour, with a soft and chewy texture, Prunes are a great way to sweeten recipes and can act as a partial replacement for the butter/fat in recipes

Dried Blueberries 6x1kg

Dried blueberries have an abundance of fibre, vitamin and nutrients and are perfect in smoothies, shakes and desserts or as a tasty snack. Blueberries are also ideal for mixing in cereals or adding to cakes and muffins

Pitted Prunes 4x3kg

Whole pitted sorbated prunes. They are a brownish to black colour with an oval to round shape. Sweet and fruity flavour with a soft and chewy texture. The stones removed for extra convenience and enjoyment

Flour Rolled Chopped Dates 4x3Kg

Our ready-to-use Chopped Dates are perfect for sweetening up breakfast such as porridge and muesli. Their light coating of rice flour prevents them from sticking together saving your time in the kitchen!

Chopped Apricots 4x2kg

These ready diced apricots are a convenient ingredient for porridge and muesli, saving you time in the morning. They will also add natural sweetness, fibre and other nutrients to your breakfast bowl.