Snacking Fruit & Nuts

A range of party mixes and lunchbox favourites, our snacking range will have something that appeals to everyone

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Roast Salted Peanuts 6x1kg

Our roast salted peanuts can also be roughly crushed and used as a tasty sprinkle for a variety of dips and savoury dishes. Peanuts are popular in Thailand and Vietnam, often added to soups, salads and noodles

Californian Raisins (Multipack) 12x250kg

Each 250g Multi-pack has 12 servings of 21g (approx) 100{9942f94e356eb6bc5ac33322627da3272a6741e7157cc90761a0da640efedd7e} Natural Californian Raisins. A healthy snack on the go and a popular addition to school lunchboxes

Bombay Mix 6x1kg

A mixture of blended ingredients that is crunchy with a hot and spicy flavour, with obvious red chickpeas and green marrowfat peas

Honey Nut Mix (peanuts&cashews) 6x1Kg

Our honey mix of peanuts and cashews is smothered in a delicious honey sugar mixture. You cannot eat just one! A great treat which is commonly on display in hotels and restuarants

Tropical Mix 6x1kg

A blend of tropical fruits and nuts made up of Peanuts, dates, raisin, banana, pineapple, coconut, sultanas and melon. A great snacking dish for the more health conscious hotels and restuarants

Dry Roasted Peanuts 6x1Kg

Due to their health benefits they are particularly good as a replacement to snacks. They can also be chopped or blitzed to create your own pastes or specific sized pieces

Chilli Coated Peanuts 6x1Kg

Crispy coated peanuts with a mild chili flavour and can be enjoyed as a tasty snack. A popular bar snack whilst also provided a tasty side dish to panini's and wraps

Roast Salted Pistachios 6x1kg

Our roast salted pistachios are easy and satisfying nuts to open. Moreish and great for snacking they are rich in protein and delicious to nibble. A healthier lunch time snack than a typical packet of crisps!