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Culinary Nuts

Raw nuts are a great source of protein whilst also a healthy addition to many recipes, particularly those of Asian origin

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Pecan Nuts 12x100g

Our Pecan nuts have a sweet nuttiness that is just begging to be used in puddings and all things sweet. They work particularly well alongside roasted and caramel flavours like Maple Syrup and Coffee

Hazelnuts 12x100g

Hazelnuts suit both sweet and savoury cooking. They are most commonly known for appearing in muesli mixes, flapjacks and chocolate bars. This nut is a nutritious ingredient containing good levels of Vitamin E, Choline and fibre

Chopped Mixed Nuts 12x100g

Our Chopped Mix Nuts are a mixture of finely chopped raw nuts which can be added directly to salads, nut roast mix, desserts and used in baking. Unroasted or gently roasted this is a versatile ingredient to have in your cupboard

Flaked Almonds 12x100g

Naturally moist and flavoursome our Flaked Almonds are suitable for cake decorations and dessert topping. A great addition to your home-made muesli or snack mixes, in confectionery and much more

Shelled Almonds 12x100g

Our Shelled Almonds are a great all round ingredient for adding extra protein to your diet. The skins are left on which will add extra fibre to your recipe. Ideal for gluten-free baking and also a healthy snack

Ground Almonds 12x100g

Ground almonds have a lovely nutty flavour whilst having a high calcium content. Suitable for many purposes, from baking to adding to tagines!

Shelled Walnuts 12x100g

Walnuts are a high source of protein, fibre and nutrients. Healthy and tasty, walnuts are great as a snack or addition to food, cooking or desserts.

Desiccated Coconut 12x170kg

Desiccated Coconut is a versatile fragrant ingredient commonly used in desserts, baking and cooking. It adds texture and an exotic flavour to many dishes