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Dried Fruit

Filled with healthy sugars, dried fruit are commonly used during baking but can also be a tasty snack

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Sultanas 12x375kg

Our Sultanas have a delicate flavour whilst known best for their natural sweetness. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals

Pitted Dates 12x250g

A staple food of the Middle East, dates have a variety of uses in sweet and savoury dishes from tagines to puddings

Multi-pack Californian Raisins 12x250g

Each 250g Multi-pack has 12 servings of 21g (approx) 100{9942f94e356eb6bc5ac33322627da3272a6741e7157cc90761a0da640efedd7e} Natural Californian Raisins. A healthy snack on the go and a popular addition to school lunchboxes

Raisins 12x375g

Raisins are packed with natural fruit sugars and are a great source of energy. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals

Apricots 12x250g

High in both Vitamins A and C, dried apricots are perfect for snacking on their own or as an ingredient in a number of sweet and savoury dishes

Prunes 12x375g

Prunes (dried plums) are sweet and sticky, high in dietary fibre and contain highest antioxidant rating of any fruit or vegetable

Mixed Fruit 12x375g

Mixed fruit is a delicious blend of juicy sultanas and candied citrus peels. It can be used in bakery recipes to add tangy sweetness to cakes, breads, buns and tray bakes

Currants 12x375g

Currants are dried, black seedless grapes with an intense flavour. They are often used for scones, buns, cakes or puddings